Good Shepherd Catholic College - Mount Isa

"Christ Our Light"

Good Shepherd Catholic College maintains a proud tradition of providing opportunities for young men and women to achieve to their best and is most concerned that students are encouraged to grow academically, socially, emotionally, spiritually and physically. The staff of Good Shepherd Catholic College recognises the importance of the holistic development of young people as life-long learners who will make a difference in being a presence of Christ in our world.

It is important that Good Shepherd Catholic College be a community in which all students are welcomed, valued and cared for. It is important that students feel safe at school, are not harassed by others, experience fair and consistent discipline and have teachers who encourage them to achieve of their best.

It is my hope that Good Shepherd Catholic College be a "family" in which all students, parents and staff are both challenged and supported during a time when our world and society is undergoing rapid change. Good Shepherd Catholic College values community life and to this end promotes activities, processes and structures that enhance life within the community. Sporting carnivals, Open Day, Foundation Day, the activities of the Parents' and Friends' Association and a myriad of other activities provide opportunities for parents, students and staff to work and grow together.

Our young people will learn and grow if there is a culture of community in which relationships are valued. Good Shepherd Catholic College encourages all students to develop their gifts and talents.